Which lifestyle property matches you best?

David Findley: International Luxury Lifestyle Property Specialist

The right lifestyle property will offer the availability of amenities that align and support your favorite daily routines.  

The correct home will:

  • restore your equilibrium and create moments of serenity; 
  • facilitate fun; 
  • strengthen and energize you so you can go out into the world and make a positive difference; 
  • and enhance your daily quality of life in tangible ways.

I'm David Findley.

I'm a real estate agent and my passion is helping others upgrade their daily life by assisting them in finding a home that matches their unique lifestyle needs – including those relocating internationally.

Many established families who happen to own multiple homes are inclined to own at least one home in a year-round sunny climate somewhere in the world.

Luxury lifestyle properties often have their own unique features – such as an accompanying vineyard, an ocean for a back yard, a vast organic hobby farm, stables and trails for horses, a private championship tennis court, or, perhaps, a designated helipad.

David Findley lifestyle estate homes


As our psychic space becomes more crowded in the digital age, physical spaces can offer increased access to serenity. The more a home accomplishes this, the more desirable it can be and the more it is considered a lifestyle property.

I’m a Certified International Property Specialist who has a deep well of real estate knowledge and a proven track record of helping international clients to find and invest in lifestyle estate properties.

My talented, worldwide network has the home-selling, home-buying, and relocation experience available to assist you in fulfilling your property needs and desires.

Then and Now:

While spending my early childhood years on a farm in the US in Northeast Missouri, I would often join my grandfather before sunrise for early morning breakfast.

The menu always included a final course: Neapolitan ice cream (he got up at 4:30 am; if you’re going to get up that early, make it worthwhile).

Those breakfast meetings with my grandfather may not have unlocked all the secrets to success, but in my eyes, they provided an essential component to a thriving career –  enjoy it.

As a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), I am highly skilled in international real estate business transactions. I have a focused mindset honed for details – and am adept with contracts and project management. This is the type of work I enjoy and at which I thrive.

More about me:

  • Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)
  • Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR)
  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)
  • Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI)
  • Certified Internet Marketing Professional (e-Pro)
  • Past Chairman, Grievance Committee – Beverly Hills Greater LA Realtors
  • Past Director, California Association of Realtors
  • Past Director, Laguna Beach Board of Realtors
  • Contract and Negotiation Specialist
  • Partner with The Agency real estate brokerage, a global marketing and sales organization.

I help people buy and sell homes and investment properties and I’m happy to assist in your real estate endeavors, answering any questions you might have.

Ideas for Core Values to Help You Thrive

Core values provide me with an important and useful way to work on behalf of my clients.

Here are core values that I've found particularly helpful. I suspect that others might find them helpful, too.

1. Joy Is a Worthwhile Pursuit

The world needs more joy, not less.

2. Health + Resolve = Pure Potential

Ultimately, the only person responsible for your life’s daily outcome is:  you.

When you have good health and an initiating attitude, anything is possible – so take care of these first, if you can.

3. The Right Environment Enhances Creative Energy

It matters where, and how, you wake up each morning. When your home supports your wellness and unique interests, life just seems to flow better.

4. Delight in Finding Solutions

Focus on a problem only long enough to identify it, then switch quickly into solution-mode.

5. Ambivalence Is often Its Own Answer

If the answer isn’t “Heck, yes!” then it probably should be “Hell, no.”

6. Mobility, for the Win

Though the mirror reveals what you look like standing still, mobility reveals how you flow and move.

Making your body more supple makes your mind more supple, too.

7. The Detailed Full-Finish

Even though the final 15% of a project involves its least-sexy tasks, excellence means keeping up the pace until the very end. When in doubt, use your resourcefulness and initiative.

8. Daily Top-3 Priorities

Being busy is easy; prioritizing – on the other hand – is an art and a science.

9. Optimization Is Fun and Rewarding

Relentlessly fighting change is ultimately a huge waste of energy; however, tenacious self-improvement reaps dividends.

10. Service for Its Own Sake

Inherent in every moment is a choice to give or take.

The Wisdom of Core Values

I firmly believe that when you get serious about the Universe, the Universe gets serious about you.

I’m also convinced that crafting personal values can be beneficial for the realization of your dreams.

What do you think is your number-one core value?

Because life is a journey and each of us is growing along the way, sometimes it’s helpful to take a fresh look at our own priorities.

Have they changed?

I’ve shared my own ten core values not only to tell you a little about myself, but perhaps also to inspire you to reflect on your own unique priorities.

It might be that  what is important to you today is different than what was important to you yesterday.

Reach me by phone at 1-310-345-6911 (US) or email me at:  david.findley@theagencyre.com


How can I help you?

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